AE. Roud


Writes Science Fiction with a futuristic environmental taste.

Angels Have No Wings


A strange day in the life of those who fly among the stars of the universe.

Tevi's Dilemma

Extinction is forever.

When extinction threatens the oldest living species of humanoids in the universe, Nature finds out the Oredals are capable of fighting back.

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Nature is merciless.

Cosmic chaos threatens. In order to survive the Royals reach back into Oredal history and reveal secrets of old to survive for the future.

Survival is a Universal Desire

Extinction is forever and nature is merciless.

As the Royal, Tevi's job is to help species of the universe fend off extinction. She has worked for centuries with the Crotins, a huge crab species, only to realize her tireless efforts, without drastic measures, are for naught. Hearing of events that deal with the Oredals directly, sets Tevi and her Royal consorts on a quest to find out why only one Oredal child out of hundreds born daily survive. Revealing past transgretions of the scientific based Oredal culture, sets the Royals against the very culture that every Oredal is entitled by their birth right. She must make those in control of the Government understand that although the Oredals are the oldest living species in the universe, they are not beyond the merciless reach of nature.

Items To Ponder

Most people that arrive at these pages, will know their beliefs. Items on these pages present AE. Roud's outside the box thoughts about items she understands goes against mainstream beliefs and ideals. AE's four Royal books deal with species extinction and encompass the following items.

If cave wall paintings are true, star people came to Earth.

If Summarian tablets are true, modern humans are a combination of terrestrial and alien genetics.

If ancient alien theories are right, early humans perceived extraterestrials as Gods.

If speculative sciences are right, the tumlutuous tides of a super massive black hole is a doorway to another universe.

Just a few items to ponder and wonder, What if...?

- From an interview with Oredal Royal, Queen Tevi.

Oredals are creators of life. Many species that survive today, are the result of Oredals dropping a viable blob of material in a pool of goo, to see what would result. Among the viable creations, and because evolution is an extremely slow process, the Oredal Ancients manipulated the genetics to force natural evolution ahead to create a better species. That is what Oredals do. In regards to your species, the latter pertains. That is why there are gaps in your evolutionary memory. The missing link you search for is the genetic manipulation, performed by my ancestors.